Designer Spotlight: Emily + Merrit for Pottery Barn Teen

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m dedicating this designer spotlight to Pottery Barn but I have to tell you guys, I am so enamored with this collection and I think you will be too. It’s inspired by vintage fashion and holds such a wondrous, adventurous sweet-classic vibe- I’m trying hard to not snatch everything up!

lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Parisian Petticoat Quilt + Sham
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Bloomer Pillow Covers
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Brass Bunny Table Lamp
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche Collection
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Wishbox Collection
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Hourglass
lolita room interior decor decoration kawaii
The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clocks

Click here to view the entire collection

I can’t help but delight in the fact that they named some items after ruffly undergarments, such as the ‘Parisian Petticoat Quilt’ and ‘Bloomer Pillow Covers’. How well do you think this collection would work in a lolita’s room? Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Romanticizing Your Rental (Pt. 2)

Now that we’ve figured out how to painlessly improve the interior architecture of a rental, let’s talk about those items you fill it with. The colors, textures, sizes, and styles of what you bring in will greatly affect what your apartment looks like, so take some time to collect inspiration and figure out what you like before committing.

The Decor That Fills It

For my own world I am inspired by the interiors of French cottages. Their curvy furniture in milky whites and creams has an ethereal presence that I’d love to capture, and all the little details add a charm you could scarcely pick out unless you inspected the parts. But whatever suits your fancy, there is need for a cohesive look that can handle the workload of apartment life.


It must be said that smaller spaces require smaller furniture, but that doesn’t necessarily correlate to their physical size. For a romantic apartment, lighter looking furniture is a must. Curves and thin legs and carved out negative space give the illusion of a bigger room with their floating figures, whereas blocky furniture will weigh it down and is better left to one or two pieces.

As with all guides about furnishing small spaces I must mention the importance of multifunctional items. A bench with shoe storage or a bed skirt hiding pullout bins are a smart use of crucial space that would otherwise go unused. Items like the day beds from IKEA are perfect because as well as providing extra storage they serve the dual purpose of a couch and bed.

My favorite place to find furniture thus far has been my local Craigslist because of the quality to be found at affordable prices. Other places I peruse are antique fairs and shops or consignment and thrift stores. As of late IKEA has begun stocking furniture with more romantic details but for the price and quality I find that local listings still prevail.

There is also the option of freshening up your current furniture with a few embellishments. On a whim we bought a beautifully structured armoire with unfortunate stains and rusty hardware that could easily transform with a wash over of ivory, a few appliques, and new knobs.


Technology often appears unpleasantly modern or dull in the atmosphere of a romantic apartment, but there is no getting around how useful they are despite their appearance. The obvious solution would be to try and find them in a pleasing case, but those options are very limited and it may not conceivably be the end-all solution for every electronic.

One of the more reliable ways this can be remedied is simply by hiding the devices where applicable, such as enclosing an unsightly vacuum in the pantry or keeping gaming systems behind a media center door. Even draping pretty cloth over an old monitor when not in use can do wonders.

Loose Items

“Loose Items” is my catch-all for the many knick-knacks we lolitas seem to revel in collecting. From headbows to tea pots and stuffed alpacas, there is always some collection or pile of oddities finding their way to the top of a dresser.

I’ve spent the past month getting rid of a lot of these loose items, and I must say it’s hard to miss them when the result is a much more cohesive and up-to-date look at my interests. The remaining knick-knacks have been ceremoniously arranged in a hutch for that single purpose, and those items I cannot bear to re-home have taken residence in a storage box. The items you choose to display make an impact on your decor either as items of interest or a tangled mess- to stick to the former make sure they all have a home!

(Lolita bedroom is fahrlight‘s)

Adding loose items should be done sparingly, and only under circumstances where they will enhance the appeal of an area. Pillows are a great example, as couches and beds can always use that plush decorative touch.

Join me soon for Part 3 where I talk about how to freshen up the space!

How do you imagine your dream decor to be? I’d love to know in the comments! Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Romanticizing Your Rental (Pt. 1)

It seems we can afford a castle in France but not a desirable house in the Bay Area, so our plans for that have been put aside for a while. After all the day dreaming about how I would fix up our prospective house I’m left with the restrictions of a rental in both size and permissions, but I’ve grown too worked up over what I think my ideal living space should be to completely give up on it.

For that reason I’ve recently spent a lot of energy imagining how I can change the appearance of our apartment without any permanent additions. I want to focus on making the rental more than the standard structure it comes in while adding charm in every way possible, and of course I had to share these ideas with my dear readers.

Upgrading Your Fixtures

Today’s post is how to “upgrade” the fixtures in your rental without the extensive use of a toolkit. While you may not have a say in much of what your domicile was built with, there are still a few things you can do to have it match your ideal look.

Better lighting

This is such an understated and accessible item that has a large effect on how we view our surroundings, and it’s a great way to evoke different moods just by changing a bulb. Warm whites are great for comfort areas such as the bedroom or den, while bright or cool white bulbs are perfect for workspaces or bathrooms where precision and color correctness are important.

Forget about the standard ceiling lights and add a towering floor lamp in the living room or a cozy reading light by your bed. Place a petite candelabra aside the tub for a dreamy bath, or tack LED strips under a shelf to highlight your favorite collection. The options are endless and good lighting is anything but boring. Customizing your own lamp shade is also a great DIY project that can be as simple as a hot glue gun and trimmings!

Area rugs

As a victim of ugly apartment carpentry I understand how frustrating it is to have floors that are far from fashionable. Although we can’t permanently replace them with something more attractive, we can still do what we can to cover them up.

Tie in the colors of your decorum with a matching rug, or opt for neutral in a contrasting texture. Use a rug to visually separate different stations in a multipurpose room. Be sure the new rug works with the current color of your floor or it may clash worse than what you had before. Special rug holders for carpet will prevent lighter rugs from shifting or buckling.

Temporary Wallpaper

Even if the apartment management allowed me to paint I would prefer an option with less commitment and fumes my dear pets might inhale, which is why I opt for temporary wallpaper. The quicker payoff and limitless amounts of patterns make it a perfect match for apartment dwellers who want an easy alternative they won’t have to paint over in a year.

Cover the walls in neutral florals for a look that compliments every season or make a statement with bright patterns. Cover just one wall or all of them, and use the left over wallpaper to line bookcases or drawers.

Hang Fabric

The standard window blinds are great for averting unwanted eyes, but they are so unfortunately plain. Dressing up your windows adds a soft touch that contrasts nicely with the solidity of furniture, and what Lolita can resist dressing up her room in frills?

Go a step further and replace the closet doors with curtains to showcase your enviable wardrobe (being sure to save any screws and store the doors safely for when you leave). I love the idea of hanging fabric to hide unseemly storage or even draped on the walls or over the bed.

Faux Built-Ins

A lot of rentals come with bland, standard trimmings. Adding furniture that appears to be a part of the interior architecture is easier than it sounds and even if your apartment won’t allow installations and you aren’t handy there are a few options.

Perhaps the most charming of them is to bring in a fake fireplace. You could purchase a mantle alone and decorate the inside with logs or books or flowers, or visit a hardware store for a fake fireplace that houses a space heater (if you’d really like to pretend you’re sitting by a fire).

Another great way to fake a built-in is by the employment of bookcases. Use them to frame a door or hallway, or line them up to fill an entire wall! Make sure to find them in the same color as the apartments trimming, and for a really built-in look you can fill the space between the top of the bookcase and ceiling with crown molding.

I’m not quite yet done with my spring cleaning this month, but once I am I intend to employ all of these ideas into our current apartment to really transform it! For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board of inspiring spaces, and be sure to check out Part 2 of the series!

If you have any ideas or tips that you think would fit in this series, let me know in the comments! Have a sugar sweet day and thanks for reading!