Top 5 Creepiest Lolita Brand Items

kawaii creepy lolita coffin baby the stars shine bright

In the spirit of today’s holiday I took a look into the releases of past and present to compile a list of the five most creepy, morbid, and generally unsettling items created by the top lolita brands. So sit back and prepare yourself for some spooky articles of clothing!

alice and the pirates little red riding hood

Alice and the Pirates is no stranger to morbid fairy tales, so it comes with no surprise that one of these collections includes an item so gruesome that it ranks number five in morbid lolita goods. In the Grimm version of Little Red Cap, a pair of scissors are used to snip open the wolf’s belly and release the captives inside, where it is then filled with rocks to kill the beast. This ornate scissor-shaped necklace is a ghastly reflection of that wolf’s demise.

garden of earthly delights juliette et justine

Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymous Bosch is very curious subject matter for a lolita dress print, as it depicts a very striking scene of shameless sensory pleasures in abundance. The debauchery and surrealistic interpretations of life without self-control make it a strange and almost uncomfortable piece of art to view, which is why this dress is at number four. It could have been worse though, as the triptych this artwork came from also contains a panel illustrating Hell.

innocent world doll museum

I’m not sure if this is based on any real doll museum, but if it is I’m sure it’s haunted! Antique (and even modern) dolls have always given me the chills for being dead-eyed interpretations of human beings. Coupled with the awkward proportions and mischievous expressions, the figurines on this vintage-inspired print take this dress to number three on the list. Nothing with those shifty eyes can be up to any good.

innocent world doll museum
juliette et justine gothic lolita bible collaboration

Juliette et Justine’s love for morbid classical art earns them two spots here on this list. This menagerie of clipped still-life paintings juxtapose a slain sheep with fresh peeled fruit and skulls for a scene bound to upset your stomach. The creature bound and lifeless taking center stage on the dress makes this the most disturbing print to be featured in lolita.

victorian maiden lolita coffin

And here we are at number one! At the very top of the list is the brand novelty item that still has people talking over a decade later. No list of creepy brand items should be without it, and nothing can top being literally buried in brand. Nowadays I’d expect a Victorian Maiden coffin to be constructed out of ivory painted wood and lined with dusty pastel satin, but this classic gothic combination is so very iconic.

Would you be caught dead in any of these garments? The juxtaposition of these themes on elegant pieces just captivates the morbid curiosity lover inside of me, and I hope for many more disturbing themes in lolita.

Happy Halloween dear readers!!! I wish you all a spooky, mischievous, treat-filled day!

Halloween Lolita Tea Party

Happy Halloween all you little angels and devils!

This is a favorite time for many, be it for religious reasons or all for fun. For me I love this time of year because it lets me be another person or idea for a little while and it’s nice to let my inner goth enjoy the dark romance of the morbid side of things.

For Halloween this year our favorite tea room Crown & Crumpet allowed us a special party after hours to celebrate. The owner is very fond of the local lolitas, and has thrown special parties for us before. It’s always a delight!

On our plates were cute little gift bags with treats inside!

We were served halves of four different sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd toppings, and an array of spooky treats including meringue bones covered in sugary blood, “mummified” cookies, white chocolate dipped screaming strawberries, and I forget the name of the last one but it was pumpkin flavored!

The little ghost faces almost made them too cute to eat

Everyone was wickedly dressed for the occasion

I wore my White Rabbit coord {view the photoshoot on flickr}

Lina of Paradise Rose looked like my kuro counterpart with a similar silhouette

What are your mischievous plans for the evening? Have a spooky-trick-or-treat-sweet day and thanks for reading!

My Perfect Halloween Themed Lolita Party

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you picked out your costume yet? For this year’s spooky look I dressed as a creepishly doll-like White Rabbit.

view the rest of the shoot on flickr

✝ Outfit Rundown ✝
Blouse: Commissioned
JSK: Cherry Parade (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright)
Headdress: Innocent World
Gold Bow: 6% Doki Doki
Star Clip, Ruff, Gloves: Offbrand
Socks: Alice and the Pirates
Wig: eBay

So what’s that got to do with my perfect Halloween themed lolita party? In my wildest dreams it would be filled with the wonders and horrors of Wonderland and what lies beyond the Looking Glass, so it’s what I’d be wearing!


The moon is high, the air is crisp and cool, and a slight fog crawls through your bones. A long table topped with mismatched tea pots and cups is the largest attraction, surrounded by tables of sweets. The faint sound of a waltz can be heard from an undisclosed location, barely audible over the indiscernible chatter of guests. You swear you can see the faint glow of a smile in the hedges, and a sign post directs to “this way”, “that way”, “go back”, and “tea party”. With such a broad cast of characters there is nobody without a costume, and no character is represented twice.

Food and Drink

Tea is the main course of the night and ever flowing for all the Unbirthday guests. Every once in a while an alarming “SWITCH PLACES!” would announce it’s time to grab another seat and try a different blend. Little bite sized cakes and tarts of different flavors and styles are piled in a welcome array on scattered dishes. Dessert and drink are labelled with their respective “eat me” and “drink me”.


Behind the tea table, blankets and pillows create a cozy spot to sit around the hookah. Its fragrant smoke enhances the smells of tea and cake already present in the air. Beyond that a life-size chess board settles in the grass waiting for participants to step on its squares and begin war. A game of croquet is in the far end of the party, but be careful not to win or it’s off with your head.

I know it’s very specific, but I’d love to go to an event like this. I have a burning love for these books that will never end! To me, Halloween is all about partaking in another world or character for a night.

What’s your perfect Halloween themed lolita party? Would you go to one like this? Have a spooky-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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Autumn Apple Picking

Last weekend some of the Bay Area lolitas got together to go apple picking at the Chileno Valley Ranch in Petaluma! Back when I lived in New York, my family would travel to a large farm every September where we’d pick apples and drink cider, so attending this brought back a lot of great childhood memories. I was delighted to share the experience with my fiancé‎ for the first time.

country lolita coord with bonnet
This was my first time wearing a bonnet and it kept flopping over 

country lolita picnic meet up
It was quite a beautiful day and everyone wore a country coord for the occasion! (photo credit: Jeanine)

We started off with a casual picnic filled with what you brought for yourself and what you wanted to share with the rest. This cutie pie Toby really liked our picnic area!

country lolita coord at picnic with cute dog
He also really liked those scratches (photo credit: Jeanine)

We were soon off picking apples. The trees were small enough that my 6 foot tall Charles could nearly reach the topmost branches, and the apples were much smaller than what you find in the grocery store. We picked a healthy helping of Pinova apples for baking, and a handful of Pink Ladies to be eaten fresh. It’s a sweet coincidence that my favorite type of apple has such a cute name!

fresh apples
Delicious!! (photo credit: Jeanine)
country lolita coord
Such a bright day!

After our basket was full we went aside for a quick shoot. I’d always wanted to do a shoot with country flair and this was the perfect backdrop! I’ve also uploaded these to my new flickr account so I can keep my shoots better organized.

country lolita coord

country lolita coord

country lolita coord

After we were happy with the results, we headed back into the farm where there was fresh cider and a petting zoo. They all really loved eating apples!

cute farm sheep and cow animals
(photo credit: Jeanine)

We then lounged around the picnic area chatting until we were told it was half an hour past their closing time (oops!!) but they loved our outfits so much they didn’t want to see us go! After the mandatory group shot we set out in our separate ways.

country lolita coord group shot
Our lovely crew ❤ (photo credit: Jeanine)

So What Did I Bake With the Pinovas?

Apple pie! My first one, too. It didn’t come out the prettiest thing (and I blame forgetting to froth the egg white glaze for that) but it was super delicious and pretty easy to make. Just add a scoop of French Vanilla Custard and a dollop of whipped cream- it’s one of the best pies I’ve had. Here’s the recipe!

purikura homemade apple pie
Not sure how we will manage to finish it between two people  !!

And that concludes our apple picking adventure.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Falling into Autumn (and Dressing for it’s Weather)

It’s already Autumn and my palate is so ready for all the pumpkin, maple, and salted caramel flavors. I can already see the leaves beginning to brown and the menus changing. With the temperatures dropping and summer at it’s end I thought it would be nice to list a few ways to make the most of the new season- lolita style!

How do you like the fancy title banner?

Out with pastel chiffon, in with muted tweed

Unless you live where the summer never ends it’s time to bring out warmer clothes! Tweed and heavy cotton are a smart and cozy look, while the transparent fabrics we’ve loved all year have had a good run but should be left in the closet (well ok you can wear them a little). It’s also time for warmer and darker colors to take the stage.

If your wardrobe is nothing but pastels, focus on the materials and watch how you coordinate your outfit! Choosing warm ivory over a cool white can make all the difference for a Fall color palette.

Time to re-attach those blouse sleeves

It’s getting chilly! Here are some adjustments and additions to fight off the chill:

  • Ankle socks should be replaced with knee highs, OTKs, or tights
  • Boots of any size are a fashionable way to step over falling leaves
  • Short coats are starting to pop up in stores!
  • Hats offer much better coverage than head bows and headdresses
  • … or if you prefer the head bows a styled wig will keep you just as warm

Nothing says Autumn like…

Autumn prints! Tartan, houndstooth, and muted florals scream Autumn!

Fawn has been a lolita favorite for a few years now with no sign of it slowing down (and why would it? It’s too cute). If you’re adventurous why not try a little grandma couch lolita? Some motifs to keep in mind are Halloween, apples, fairy tales, forest creatures, coat of arms, and libraries/ books. Don’t forget the cozy color scheme!

My Favorite Fall Trends

Autumn Fawn Coord

Oh, this shouldn’t be hard to guess. Fawn just gets me where it hurts (my wallet). Autumn is also the perfect time to bring out Mori Girl, Natural Kei, and Dolly Kei inspired coords because of their earthtones and textures. I know where next month’s inspiration is coming from! This coord features an Innocent World dress from my wishlist and the cutest little fawn cape from my etsy Treasury below!

‘Falling for Fawn’ by lacealamode

Fawn Fake Fur Cape


Fawn Fake Fur Collar


Sweet Lolita FAWN FUR and VE…


Golden heart fake fur collar


Fawn kafe fur silver angels …


Fawn Fake fur collar


Sweet Lolita DEER FUR and VE…


Fawn Fake Fur Hairband


Are you ready for colder weather? Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!