Angelic Pretty’s 3 Year Anniversary Weekend

What a great weekend! Angelic Pretty San Francisco just celebrated their 3rd anniversary and girls from all over the country were in attendance. There were lucky packs, games, tea, and prizes all around. Angelic Pretty celebrates this momentous occasion every year with an in-store event on Saturday and a tea party on Sunday.

Here’s a peek at what happened!

Day One: Sales!

melty royal chocolate angelic pretty sweet lolita coordinate
✧ Coord Rundown ✧
JSK, OTKs, 3-Way Rucksack: Melty Royal Chocolate {Angelic Pretty}
Shoes: Bodyline
Beret, Bows, Blouse: Offbrand

My adventure started by waking up at 3 in the morning to get ready and head out to Angelic Pretty’s store. By the time we arrived at 5am we were already 9th in line! It’s truly a gamble how early you need to be there every year. We brought folded chairs to make the wait more bearable and my poor Charles didn’t dress warm enough so we needed to huddle together to survive the windy chill!

Unfortunately it was too cold for me to do much so there aren’t many pics

melty royal chocolate angelic pretty sweet lolita coordinate
Just this one of me looking cold and tired

Eventually it was opening time, and the designers Maki and Asuka as well as one of the Lafayette shop girls were there to chat and help customers. They placed an ad in advance to show the exclusive items available at the shop event.

angelic pretty shop flyers anniversary sale 2013

Royal Unicorn made its San Francisco entrance as an exclusive in-store item for the Anniversary celebration. There was also a Fancy Paper Doll Special set, and lucky packs for JSKs, cutsews, and accessories! More on my haul at the end~

melty royal chocolate angelic pretty san francisco sweet lolita coordinate

After we’d shopped enough Tivonne, Claire, and I set out for Japantown to meet with a few lolitas from the LA comm for a bite to eat. We ate at the best ramen spot in Japantown (imo, Ramen Underground) and afterward took group purikura.

left → right top → bottom: me, Leslie, Jordan, Oli, Claire, Tivonne

At that point I parted ways to get some rest for the next day’s events!

Day 2: Tea Party!

♔ Coord Rundown ♔
OP: Royal Unicorn {Angelic Pretty}
Jewelry: Chocolat Frame Bracelet & Ring {Angelic Pretty}
Royal Echarpe, Rosette: Pizzicato Kei
Bow: 6% Doki Doki
Crown, Tights, Shoes, Other Jewelry: Offbrand

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013

The Tea Party was held in the French Parlor Room of the Palace Hotel. It was very beautiful and classy!

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013

The table had little sandwiches and a card to vote for the best coordinate.

maki asuka melty doughnut angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013

There were also three beautiful petit fours of different flavors

The first game was a treasure hunt! There were white envelopes hidden in the room with instructions for who you needed to bring with you to claim your prize such as “A coord with more than 5 accessories”. Envelopes were found taped under tables and chairs, with the very last one found in plain site taped inside a wall panel!

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013
Treasure Hunt prizes in front, Coord Contest prizes in back

The prizes were really sweet! There were gift cards of different amounts, stationary, candles, tote bags, and plates.

The next game was the raffle, and there were soooo many prizes!

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013
In the order they were called: Dram Sky & Day Dream Carnival nail decals, Ribbon OTKs, Chocolat Frame Bracelet & Ring sets, Dot Cute Shoulder Ribbon bags, and Dreamy Baby Room, Fancy Paper Doll, and Musee du Chocolat sets! Everyone who didn’t have their ticket called received a Day Dream Carnival postcard.

The premise of the raffle is you want your ticket to be called but not too early because the bigger prizes are at the end. I ended up winning the Chocolat Frame Bracelet & Ring, which was very lucky considering how well it matches my wardrobe! My friend Marissa ended up winning the second largest prize!

The results of the coordinate contest were then announced.

Oli won first!

Both winners were wearing Day Dream Carnival with very different approaches using handmade accessories. angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013
There was some mingling, so many people dressed up wonderfully!

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013

At the end Maki and Asuka gave a few words about how everyone’s wonderful coordinates will inspire their future work. It was such a sweet thing for them to say!

They mentioned their favorite thing about coming to America for these events is seeing all the handmade work being put into coords because they don’t see that in Japan very often. They also seemed really excited about the impact of Angelic Pretty in the USA and how well they were doing here.

The event was over and it became a rush to the store for lucky packs!

angelic pretty san francisco anniversary tea party 2013
There’s cutie pie Jordan next in line!

My Haul

I ended up being lucky enough to grab a cutsew lucky pack! Here’s what was inside:

angelic pretty gloria french doll whipped showcase cutsew lucky pack
Gloria, French Doll, Etoile Toe Shoes, Etoile Swan, Whipped Show Case

I also purchased the Royal Unicorn OP in pink, which I wore the next day to the tea party. I chose the cup & saucer novelty so I can drink tea in an Angelic Pretty cup!

At the tea party I won the Chocolat Frame Bracelet & Ring set in brown, and in the goodie bags were AP 2014 calendars! Back at the shop I grabbed a pair of brown Coat of Arms OTKs I’d been eyeing.

I’d been to the Anniversary sale in 2011 when I first moved to San Francisco, but this was my first time at the Tea Party and I really enjoyed it! I’ll be sure to grab a ticket next year.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Halloween Lolita Tea Party

Happy Halloween all you little angels and devils!

This is a favorite time for many, be it for religious reasons or all for fun. For me I love this time of year because it lets me be another person or idea for a little while and it’s nice to let my inner goth enjoy the dark romance of the morbid side of things.

For Halloween this year our favorite tea room Crown & Crumpet allowed us a special party after hours to celebrate. The owner is very fond of the local lolitas, and has thrown special parties for us before. It’s always a delight!

On our plates were cute little gift bags with treats inside!

We were served halves of four different sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd toppings, and an array of spooky treats including meringue bones covered in sugary blood, “mummified” cookies, white chocolate dipped screaming strawberries, and I forget the name of the last one but it was pumpkin flavored!

The little ghost faces almost made them too cute to eat

Everyone was wickedly dressed for the occasion

I wore my White Rabbit coord {view the photoshoot on flickr}

Lina of Paradise Rose looked like my kuro counterpart with a similar silhouette

What are your mischievous plans for the evening? Have a spooky-trick-or-treat-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Autumn Apple Picking

Last weekend some of the Bay Area lolitas got together to go apple picking at the Chileno Valley Ranch in Petaluma! Back when I lived in New York, my family would travel to a large farm every September where we’d pick apples and drink cider, so attending this brought back a lot of great childhood memories. I was delighted to share the experience with my fiancé‎ for the first time.

country lolita coord with bonnet
This was my first time wearing a bonnet and it kept flopping over 

country lolita picnic meet up
It was quite a beautiful day and everyone wore a country coord for the occasion! (photo credit: Jeanine)

We started off with a casual picnic filled with what you brought for yourself and what you wanted to share with the rest. This cutie pie Toby really liked our picnic area!

country lolita coord at picnic with cute dog
He also really liked those scratches (photo credit: Jeanine)

We were soon off picking apples. The trees were small enough that my 6 foot tall Charles could nearly reach the topmost branches, and the apples were much smaller than what you find in the grocery store. We picked a healthy helping of Pinova apples for baking, and a handful of Pink Ladies to be eaten fresh. It’s a sweet coincidence that my favorite type of apple has such a cute name!

fresh apples
Delicious!! (photo credit: Jeanine)
country lolita coord
Such a bright day!

After our basket was full we went aside for a quick shoot. I’d always wanted to do a shoot with country flair and this was the perfect backdrop! I’ve also uploaded these to my new flickr account so I can keep my shoots better organized.

country lolita coord

country lolita coord

country lolita coord

After we were happy with the results, we headed back into the farm where there was fresh cider and a petting zoo. They all really loved eating apples!

cute farm sheep and cow animals
(photo credit: Jeanine)

We then lounged around the picnic area chatting until we were told it was half an hour past their closing time (oops!!) but they loved our outfits so much they didn’t want to see us go! After the mandatory group shot we set out in our separate ways.

country lolita coord group shot
Our lovely crew ❤ (photo credit: Jeanine)

So What Did I Bake With the Pinovas?

Apple pie! My first one, too. It didn’t come out the prettiest thing (and I blame forgetting to froth the egg white glaze for that) but it was super delicious and pretty easy to make. Just add a scoop of French Vanilla Custard and a dollop of whipped cream- it’s one of the best pies I’ve had. Here’s the recipe!

purikura homemade apple pie
Not sure how we will manage to finish it between two people  !!

And that concludes our apple picking adventure.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Adventures in August

(warning: lots of adorable photos ahead!)
Hey guys!! I want to try and document the meet ups I attend more often because they’re full of awesome stuff. It feels great to be more active in the community as I’ve been getting to know a lot of people better- including girls who found me through my blogs! August has had two meets so far: one to celebrate August birthdays (in which my July 30th birthday counts), and a last minute Lolita Tea Party thrown by Sanrio to celebrate their collaboration with Japanimation.

August Birthday Meet

☆ Outfit Rundown ☆
Blouse: Taobao
Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Usamimi/ Bow Tie: Bodyline
OTKs/ Shoes: Offbrand
Dim Sum, shaved ice, chocolates, and gardens! This meet up was full of good food and pretty surroundings. I won’t bore you with pictures of my buffet pickings from the Dim Sum place, so have these Japanese Garden photos instead!

Ana, to whom all these photos belong, is the lovely lolita far left!
I can feel the sun in this photo

The Japanese Garden in San Mateo wasn’t very large so it was quick to get through. Right outside of it was a pretty little rose garden in which we spared no opportunity for photos!

Cuties with matching parasols!

Peaking over the hedges

I whipped out my phone and asked my sweetie to take a few photos for me as well!

I love the smell of roses!

This short maze-style hedge had a Wonderland feel to it

By the end of this we were incredibly hot and ready to make it back for dessert. I ordered the shaved ice instead of honey bread because when you’re in a wig and layers on a bright day you need to make sacrifices. After a quick trip to the old book store and a pass through a huge toy store we said our good-byes.

Sanrio x Japanimation Lolita Tea Party

☆ Outfit Rundown ☆
Blouse: Custom
JSK/ Headbow/ Necklace: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Tights/ Wig: Taobao
Jewelry: Offbrand (BTW do you see my new engagement ring!?)
Shoes: Bodyline

This time I actually remembered to document it myself! The set up was really cute and they served us bubble tea and gave us goodie bags! The only downside was that to be consistent with the event in Japan it was held on a Friday, which meant a lot of lolitas were not able to make it.

Look at how cute the store looks!
Hello Kitty photo op
One day I’ll have the courage to ask for individual outfit shots!!

My favorite part of the event was the deco station they had. For a few bucks you could make something super cute.

The deco station
My deco’ed box! I bought some Jewel Pet stickers at the store to use on it.

I had so much fun I decided I’d love to host a deco-themed lolita meet this year! Most of their supplies were from Daiso, and aside from the deco frosting having soft peaks I was pretty impressed with it. I know it’s a ways out but it would be perfect near the holidays for some last minute hand-made gifts (as pointed out by Charlotte).

Contents of the gift bag and Coord Contest prize bag!

I’m super excited about all this new deco tape! I think I may send most of the Hello Kitty items to my HK-obsessed little sister- she’ll love it! The event was a lot of fun and I’d be more than glad to return if the Sanrio Center holds another party.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

☆ J Pop Summit 2013 ☆

What a weekend! J Pop Summit is over and it’s taken me until about now to catch up with everything. For those who don’t know what J Pop Summit is, it’s a festival held every summer in San Francisco celebrating pop culture in Japan. There is typically a fashion show run by a big Japanese designer (last year was h.Naoto), a coordinate contest hosted by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, a pop up shop filled with a popular Japanese brand (last year was Liz Lisa), several live performances by Japanese bands, a Vocaloid dance contest, and all the best food trucks!
This year they turned it up by including several designers and famous models in the fashion show and pop up shop- and adding the kawaii goddess Kyary to the performance list! Here’s how my J Pop weekend went:

Day One

6% doki doki, sebastian masuda, kawaii, harajuku fashion
Backstage with Sebastian Masuda- one of my heros!

The better part of my Saturday I was backstage prepping for the HARAJUKU Kawaii! Fashion Show. Innocent World, Milk, Milk Boy, SPINNS, namaiki, HellCatPunks, and GladNews were some of the brands being modeled. The outfit I was chosen to model was from SPINNS’ collection… and I walked first!

j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, spinns, fashion show
I was incredibly nervous but I think I did alright!


j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, spinns, fashion show, eva
Our SPINNS group was joined by one of my fashion idols- EVA. She wore the cutest stuffed animal tutu!

j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, lolita, innocent world, fashion show
Innocent World


j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, milk, milk boy, fashion show
Milk and Milk Boy


j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, kawaii, fashion show
Harajuku Kawaii!

j pop summit, san francisco, harajuku fashion, japan, japanese, ayumi seto, eva, yura, saki sato, instax mini, fashion show
They took pics of each other with the Instax Mini sometime toward the end

The other models they brought in were Yuka, Ayumi Seto, Yura, and Saki Sato. They were all so nice and sweet and hung out with us backstage after we all walked. 6% Doki Doki went on right after and they had the cutest little dance routine!

6% doki doki, j pop summit, yuka, kawaii, fashion, harajuku
Bunny dance!

6% doki doki, j pop summit, yuka, kawaii, fashion, harajuku, kyary pamyu pamyu, yura, saki seto, kawaii, sebastian masuda

For the finale Kyary Pamyu Pamyu got up on stage and said a few sweet words about San Francisco (it was her first time here!). It was the most surreal experience getting to be on stage with not one, not two- but seven of my fashion idols. This was probably the most memorable start to a birthday weekend I can think of really.

ayumi seto, kawaii, japanese model, harajuku fashion
Stage make-up!

After the show we stayed a while for pictures. Once I broke free I happened across Ayumi Seto in the crowd and had to take a picture with her! I think the first place I went was right into the Harajuku Kawaii pop up shop to get me some kawaii goodies (more on my haul at the end!). Yuka was working the 6% Doki Doki section so we took a picture of her!

Such a cutie!


selca, kawaii
Heading back home with sour faces

Aside from splurging on a comfy dress I’d been eyeing that went on sale at Baby and walking around the mall shops/ street tents there was not much else for Saturday besides kicking my feet up on the couch and going to bed early to prepare for…

Day Two

Another early morning for me! I decided to participate in the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion contest and had been working on my coordinate for weeks. The theme was “Enchanted Forest” and the only piece I had that fit the theme was the My Little Red Riding Hood JSK. My inspiration was Little Red Riding Hood and the things she may have seen in the forest on her way to bring her grandmother cake. Not sure how well it translated but here is the run-down:

j pop summit, baby the stars shine bright, deer headband, lolita fashion, harajuku, japanese

Headpiece: Hand-made by me
Vests: thrifted
Fawn collar: Hand-made
Basket: Hand-made by me
Tights: Taobao
Ankle Socks: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline
To have an “enchanted” feel to the coordinate I incorporated some of my mori girl wardrobe, which is where the vests come from. Aside from all the red accessories matching the dress, I thought of them to represent the gory demise of the wolf in the story. I incorporated a lot of flowers because (aside from being enchanting) Little Red Cap gets distracted collecting flowers on her way. The deer headband? Well, she probably saw a deer on her way right?! I had a good feeling I wouldn’t be the only one with a deer headband in the show but I think I really just wanted to make one haha!

The entire Enchanted Forest crew! (Pic courtesy of my friend Arron)

Everyone’s coordinates looked so amazing and seemed like they took such hard work that there was no telling who would win. I think all of us won for dressing so fab (*❦ω❦) ! After the winners were announced we were told that Crown and Crumpet (my favorite tea shop that was affiliated with the contest and in the same building as BtSSB) would host a special tea party for all of the participants. How could I resist!?

Entrance to the Enchanted Forest (Photo by Eri of Universal Bunny)


Photo by Eri of Universal Bunny


Photo by Eri of Universal Bunny
Photo by Eri of Universal Bunny

I may have gotten to the chocolate covered strawberry before I had the chance to take a pic

I wish I could have tried the private blend (a black tea) but due to my caffeine sensitivity I decided to play it safe with the good-ole’ Strawberry Fields green tea (must pick some of that up for my collection). The finger food and pastries were good as always, wish I could have snuck a bite-size lemon pie for my sweetie as it’s his favorite type of dessert!

Shameless selca with mah cutie

Kyary’s performance was drawing near but I wanted to help my darling with the Room Escape Treasure Hunt instead. We very tiredly made our way through all the clever puzzles with clues strewn along Japantown and at the last second made it in time to turn it in. With one last sweep through the pop up shop, the sake tasting, and the street tents our J Pop was over.

My Haul

My first lucky pack!

While I was getting ready for the fashion show backstage, my wonderful sweetheart was standing in line at BtSSB for me to ensure I got a lucky pack. And I sure got lucky (on both accounts of how sweet he is that he’d do that for me and what was in the pack)! Mine came with all white items featuring the Cherry Parade JSK + matching headbow and the cutest pair of bloomers! Turns out some people got the OP, and I know at least pink was another color available but everything that came in my pack was how I would have preferred it.

From the Harajuku Kawaii pop up shop set up in MaruQ!

Where do I even begin?! My first thoughts when entering the pop up shop were to go straight for Innocent World but the dress selection was quite slim and the accessories seemed picked over. From there 6% Doki Doki caught my eye and I stocked up on sparkly bows and clips and rings. Then I remembered Swimmer items were in the store and went straight for them! I thought the towels and emblem patch were just too cute. I know it’s a simple thing but I’m happy it came in that shopping bag because I have a habit of collecting them from my favorite stores. I plan to use them as decoration once we move, among other things.

Excuse me while I deco everything (*´ڡ`●)

I’m not usually one to walk in and buy a new dress that doesn’t have a print (I know how hard prints can be to find after and I prefer second-hand solids for the price) but I just had to have this one. I’d tried it on a few weeks ago and it was the softest, most comfortable dress I’d ever worn but I was being picky about that pastel pink on my skin tone. When I saw it on sale at half off I decided to just get it anyway and I’m glad I did!

And lastly…

Kinokuniya had Gothic & Lolita Bible issues 20 & 21 half off so I had to get them with the latest issue! I’ve finally started my GLB collection a few weeks ago with the purchase of the first three English editions, so this was a great addition. Wish I could read the patterns! They had so many issues of GLB and Alice Deco I was tempted by, as well as a few books on kawaii culture I’ve been wanting to read but I had to cap it somewhere. There was also a floral BtSSB stationary set I was tempted by, but alas.

That about wraps up my J Pop Summit 2013 experience. They really made a big deal out of it this year and I hope it continues to grow. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!