Meeting Mr.Yan

Since the dawn of Bodyline Model Contests we have wanted to know just who is the mysterious Mr.Yan? On the most recent leg of his international tour an event date was made for San Francisco and I knew I had to find out for myself, so I donned my favorite Bodyline skirt and went forth unassuming of what to expect.

So just what was he like?

When I first stepped into Harajuku Hearts he was the first to greet me. He complimented my skirt and told me they’d soon be making violin bags like the Innocent World one around my arm. He wanted to know if I was from Mexico, adding that he would visit sometime soon on his tour. I pointed Cuba out to him on a map because he had never heard of it before.

✧ Coord Rundown ✧
Skirt & Shoes: L507, SHOES192 {BL}
Blouse: Taobao
Bag: Violin Bag {IW}
Socks: Diamond Lame OTKs {AatP}
Gold Bow: 6% Doki Doki
Accessories: Forever 21
Beret: Offbrand

He was very interested in talking to the group and noted he expected American lolitas to be less shy than they are in Japan (we were all kind of standing there not knowing what to say)! He was interested in how many pieces of Bodyline we owned, what we’d like to see more of, etc. It was clear he was business-minded for the tour and wanted to get to know his customers better.

What struck me the most were his intentions of creating clothing that anyone could wear. He talked with a plus-size lolita about her measurements (including an awkward moment where he rubbed her stomach) and a tall brolita about his height. At an upcoming convention he hopes to have the first Bodyline fashion show where if I may paraphrase, “big and small, black and white, tall and short, male and female” will be represented.

But he was also very light-hearted, silly, and casual. He ushered us to take pictures and selfies with him and told us to make them our Facebook photos! He even took selfies and made silly poses with us on his own phone. He discovered I worked on video games and told me I should make a game about him.

One thing you should know about Mr.Yan is that he is completely aware of his business. I had some time to talk with him aside and he plainly told me his brand is meant for beginner lolitas to test the waters and, in his joking words, “professional” lolitas to pad their closets. He told me shoes were their biggest seller because they carry sizes other brands don’t and took pride in keeping the end prices low. It sounded like the advice we had been giving in the West for years.

Fun facts about Mr.Yan:
  • He really enjoys surfing
  • His favorite city on the tour so far had been Gold Coast, Australia for the reason above (he then showed us pictures with his longboard)
  • He did not like New York because he found the taxis too crazy
  • He did not approve of my nose ring and said I should take it out

So there is my report on the most infamous figure in lolita history. Oh and yes, those body pillows are definitely on the way. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Edit 04.30 – I feel that it is important to add my personal view on the topic or else this post may betray it. I’m sure that this tour is as much a PR stunt to rectify the exposed behaviors of Bodyline employees as it is an opportunity for Mr.Yan to get to know what his customers want. There are a lot of bad rumors about the way underage foreign girls are treated in his company, and I believe there is a lot of truth in them. This is not something we should forget no matter how silly his image has become.

I would also like to point out I can only account for my own encounter with him in the presence of a large group and several professionals. If you would like to read about differing experiences please look at some of the comments left on this post.

Angelic Pretty DIY Mini Party

My first brand event of the new year! Angelic Pretty held an intimate in-store party for their customers where we snacked on cute treats and deco’d with tinier ones!

A handful of us gathered in Japantown beforehand for extra supplies and lunch. I fed on my usual spicy miso broth with herb butter and egg at a favorite ramen spot- just writing the order brings back the rich smell and succulent taste !

After fulfilling our appetites we wandered through Daiso for supplementary items to deco at the party. Unfortunately Daiso is the perfect trap for me and as usual I left with much more than I intended

A series of small craft supplies for $1.50 a piece? Yes please, I’ll take one of each!

A small hand mirror, pom trimmed lace, beads, and collection of craft supplies later we went to check out the small arcade in the mall. One of the girls in the group was in town from SoCal and wanted to see their machines.

I’m truly in love with the UFO Catcher that has Amuse’s Roppi the rabbit

Then it was straight to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with little time to spare to check out their shipment of tiny Kuma Kumya pochettes . The new rucksack will be available for reserve soon and I plan to get it, but seeing the overly fuzzy miniature satiated my impatience a bit.

From there we went straight to Angelic Pretty and were greeted by a long table topped with treats! After a few nibbles a swift game of Old Maid was played between groups of four to determine the order of the line to grab the cabochons the provided.

The Wonder Queen deck of cards is too cute!

My coord for the day was inspired by patisserie chefs! I wanted to feel like I was decorating cakes

☺ Coord Rundown ☺
Onepiece: {Wonder Cookie} Angelic Pretty
Headdress: Innocent World
Bag: Swimmer
Bracelet & Ring: {Kirameki} Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Offbrand

We had access to a heart shaped box, pink and white “whipped cream”, beads and pearls, cabochons, plus “strawberry, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate” deco sauce to make delectable items. Everyone’s creations looked good enough to eat!

Once the deco station was all wrapped up we were given a mini-postcard, heart-shaped pocky, and private shopping time! They also presented us the early re-release of Wrapping Ribbon for purchase

I can’t wait to put little goodies in my cute new box! Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Exploring with Usakumya-chan

Yesterday me and my bear buddy Usakumya-chan went poking around the neighborhood and discovered new places. Funny how you can live somewhere for a long time and still find new things!

View the coord rundown on Lookbook

The Bay Area is full of really cute houses. A lot of them have been turned into private businesses in downtown areas.

We came upon a Japanese style apartment complex. It had a cute tree with pink blossoms and a little bridge over a small canal.

We then found a cute chocolate shop by the train station.

I’ve used the train frequently and never seen it! The chocolate covered oreos looked too good to resist so I bought two along with strawberry shaped marzipan.

It was decorated for Easter with many stuffed animals.

Bears seemed to dominate the displays.
Usakumya fit right in!

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!
Photos by: Brian Gin Photography

Winter International Lolita Day 2013 JFashion Walk!

My apologies on how long it took me to post this!! I always find myself incredibly busy from November to January and I feel I’m almost caught up with everything now.

Last Winter International Lolita Day I hosted my very first meet up- the San Francisco Japanese Fashion Walk! I was inspired by the multitude of Harajuku walks around the world, and felt us Bay Area folks needed one as well!

The route started in Union Square, which is in the downtown area of San Francisco. We walked straight from there to Japantown, and made quite a scene along the way! Instead of making it a Lolita-only event, we decided it was best to include all sorts of styles. A few Lolitas were seen in other styles like shironuri, fairy kei, and gyaru!

Here’s a video I put together with the footage my sweetheart so graciously filmed:

I wish we could have gotten footage of everyone’s amazing outfits at the end, but the battery for our camera died! I hope everyone who attended had a great time, and I hope I did a good job editing this video because I’m not sure I knew what I was doing!!

Once we arrived in Japantown we split into mini groups based on interest. For a lot of us that meant a hot bowl of soup!

… and topped it off with some deliciously cute crepes!

We looked around the shops including Kinokuniya and BtSSB (where I was trying on the giant usakumya backpack unaware that Charles had already bought it for me for Christmas!!).

But no Japantown meet is complete without purikura!

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

PMX Fashion 2013

This was my first year attending PMX, and I’m thankful for the experience! I met so many awesome people from SoCal and I’ve never attended a convention with so many activities geared toward the alternative fashion side of Japanese culture.

Here’s how my weekend went:

Boutique Friday

We decided to take the 6hr drive down and as soon as we arrived in LA we hit a pot hole and our tire popped!!! Not our best welcome. We arrived at the hotel with enough time for a nice soak before we went out to the con.

kawaii pastel sweet lolita closet wardrobe
Lolita closet explosion!

Some amazing boutiques were set up and I got to see some familiar faces. The stores and brands represented were Juliette et Justine, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, MaruQ, Fairytale Boutique, The Snow Field, and One Day in Paradise.

Over in the Artist’s Market were two booths that caught my eye

kawaiicore cute parade pmx 2013

The girl running the KawaiiCore booth was the sweetest thing! I immediately fell in love with their laser cut jewelry and bought myself a holographic melty moon ring- I highly suggest checking them out. Cute Parade had a large assortment of glittery pastel and sweet accessories that were super adorable.

There was a Fashion Scavenger Hunt in the evening where we had to go all over the hotel and use prior knowledge to answer a list of 25 questions correctly. Our group was team Voldemort with Julie and Sandy from the SoCal community.

kawaii prizes pmx 2013

We took second place and ended up with cute Snow Field clothing and CDs!

Tea Party Saturday

juliette et justine le parfait du lapin classic lolita
✧ Coord Rundown ✧
JSK: Le Parfait du Lapin {Juliette et Justine}
Socks, Ring: Coat of Arms OTKs, Chocolat Frame Ring {Angelic Pretty}
Blouse: Commissioned {Wondertropolis}
Shoes: Shoes192 {Bodyline}
Crown, Jewelry: Offbrand

I ended up missing the Q&A for Mari Nakamura because I completely forgot that was a thing I wanted to do and we spent the morning getting the tire replaced. However, a friend gave me answers to the things I was most curious about:

  1. She has no current plans to expand to the US &
  2. She would be happy to attend other conventions if she’s asked.

The tea party was in a secret location within the hotel.

juliette et justine pmx 2013

There were so many cute and tasty desserts!

juliette et justine pmx 2013

juliette et justine pmx 2013

After eating we played Bingo. The prize was a Lapin et Camée JSK in sax.

We then had a private Q&A with Nakamura. She was incredibly friendly and funny! We learned that inspiration hits her when angels part the heavens and orchestral music plays, and that her happiest moment is when her face is buried in her cat’s belly (all in jest). It was amusing to see all the places she hides cats in her work.

juliette et justine pmx 2013 mari nakamura
Photo Credit: Christine de la Creme

The dress I wore is my ultimate #1 favorite dress. It was fantastic meeting the person who made it while wearing it for the first time.

juliette et justine pmx 2013 mari nakamura

Fashion Show Sunday

Last day of PMX! I spent the majority of it backstage prepping as a model for the fashion show. I was chosen for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

baby the stars shine bright btssb fashion show pmx 2013
Andi is such a sweetheart and did amazing work on my face! Photo Credit: Art of Zekie Chow

I was in shock when they showed me what I’d be wearing. It’s a dress I’m upset I didn’t reserve when it was available and after wearing it, it’s high on my wishlist.

baby the stars shine bright btssb fashion show pmx sleeping beauty op 2013
Sleeping Beauty OP. I wore FIVE petticoats, that’s a personal record!

I could have walked right off the runway with it I was so in love!

baby the stars shine bright btssb fashion show pmx 2013
Our BtSSB group waiting to go on stage
baby the stars shine bright btssb sleeping beauty op fashion show pmx 2013
This feels a bit narcissistic (Photo Credit: X X X)

After the show I had to sadly peel off this amazing perfect outfit back into my comfy clothes because we were heading back that day. But I couldn’t leave before seeing the panel for the lolita documentary Sugar Coated. I suggest you watch it!

sugar coated lolita documentary julie doll lovely lor pmx 2013
Julie, Lor, Jordan, Dina

The panel explained where the idea for the documentary came from. They wanted to show lolitas in a more humane and uncriticized light than most articles do. I thought they did a great job bringing together such different stories.

That about wraps it up. I can’t wait for next year. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!