Summer Looks for Cold Climates

If this time of year has you shivering before you’ve even touched an ice cream cone it can be hard to imagine wearing a coordinate in line with Summer’s themes. But don’t fret- it’s completely possible to feel inspired by the season while still keeping warm! Today I’ve whipped up a few looks to show just how this can be done.

lolita summer coordinate

lolita salior coordinate metamorphose

For this look I channeled a Summer favorite into something much more wearable near a freezing beach. Instead of focusing the sailor theme in the main piece I brought that look to the outerwear. Paired with nautical accessories and US Navy approved colors, this coordinate is guaranteed to keep you warm!

lolita summer coordinate liz lisa angelic pretty

Maybe Summer where you live isn’t quite so cold as to require a coat, but just another layer would suffice. For this one I wanted to incorporate Summer textures, patterns, and colors. I paired this refreshing orange gingham skirt with a contrasting color and added on some straw accessories to complete the look.

lolita summer coordinate metamorphose

If your heart is completely set on a fun-in-the-sun coordinate despite the temperature, all is not lost! Just focus on layers that will cover you up and keep you warm in secret. For this look I have the Uniqlo Heattech top to layer underneath your blouse, as well as thick stockings to wear under your preferred legwear. Long bloomers will keep your thighs nice and toasty, and accessorizing with a pair of lace gloves instead of wristcuffs will keep your hands nice and warm as well.

My two best tips for keeping warm is to make sure you’re wearing thicker fabrics, and to consider wearing a wig! Both will help immensely by trapping in heat. And planning a meetup somewhere with a controlled temperature will make for the best location! Thank you for reading and have a wondrous day.

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