25 Lolita Meetup Ideas for Summer

Ahh, Summer. For some this invokes lazy days with sun-kissed cheeks, while for others it’s being unable to sleep without a cold shower and a powerful fan. Whatever your take on the season, there are some really great activities you shouldn’t miss out on with your community!

lolita fashion meetup summer

  1. Walk on the boardwalk. You can often find fun little shops near the ocean breeze.
  2. Visit an ice cream bar. Seek out one with unusual flavors like Earl Grey.
  3. Catch a flick at the drive in. These are nearly extinct, so if you have one nearby take advantage!
  4. Roast backyard campfire sm’ores. Or take this tradition to the beach in an approved area.
  5. Go to the aquarium. Its so refreshing watching the fishes swim.
  6. Host a lolita-themed carnival. Have everyone chip in and create games based on the fashion.
  7. Take photos with bubbles. Get a bubble blower and host the ultimate shoujo photoshoot!
  8. Make a seaweed scrapbook. An unusual scrapbook idea but somewhat popular with the Victorians.
  9. Play lawn games. Croquet, cornhole, lawn darts, and ladder toss are great for friendly competition.
  10. Visit a lighthouse. See if they’ll let you climb to the top!
  11. Check out the local county fair. Win prizes, eat fried foods, and try all the rides you can handle.
  12. Collect seashells. Then turn them into mermaid-approved accessories.
  13. Reserve a table by the waterfront. Nothing quite like the fresh air and a view of the boats.
  14. Tour historical ships. A great excuse to wear a Sailor or Pirate coord!
  15. Take a summer class. You can learn lots of neat things like baking, knitting, and painting.
  16. Watch a fireworks display. Pack blankets and make it a picnic.
  17. Play tourist. Pick an iconic spot that locals rarely visit- great way to greet newcomers!
  18. Skip stones at a nearby creek. Pack some lemonade and relax to the sounds of the stream.
  19. Celebrate Christmas in July. A great reason to bust out the holiday prints more than once a year.
  20. Visit an arcade. Beat the heat (and each other) at a video game cabinet, skeeball, or air hockey.
  21. Hold a sleepover with close friends. I don’t think you’re ever too old to do this!
  22. Attend a free concert. There are all kinds of free public events in the Summer.
  23. Take a road trip. Research new magical destinations and explore them for the day.
  24. Split root beer floats at a vintage soda jerk. And throw on an A-line skirt to match the vibe!
  25. Go wine tasting. Vineyards are splendid with plump grapes this time of year.

What does Summer mean to you? Is it the jingle of the ice cream truck pulling onto your street, or never leaving the comforts of an air-conditioned place?

For myself Summer brings back fond memories of living in South Florida under the palm trees with prismatic sunsets, thunderstorms with such heavy rain it would take hours to drain out of the streets, catching little reptiles, pretending to be mermaids in the pool, taking road trips to Disney World, and building sand castles on the hot beach. But of course, the weather was always Summer there. Have a wondrous day and thank you for reading!

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