Shannie Bee’s 2015 Lolita Wardrobe

Happy 2015! Two years ago I made my very first wardrobe post and since then I’ve made it a personal goal to continue chronicling my clothing every year. I love being able to look back and see how my style has evolved and tastes have changed.
Last year I tried to focus more on accessories and embellishments because I found that I was prone to buying dresses and ignoring all else. I also became smitten with florals, and many of the plainer pieces I had on my wishlist came up for sale. This year I believe I will continue to add embellishments and will make it my resolution to create personal handmade pieces. But enough of that, on to the pictures!

Melty Royal ChocolateAngelic Pretty
Melty Ribbon ChocolateAngelic Pretty
Chocolate Fascinate FairytaleBaby, the Stars Shine Bright

The World’s Most Adorable Dog and the World’s Most Delicious FrappeBtSSB
La Pièce du Petit CréatureJuliette et Justine
Puppy PrintInnocent World

Le Parfait du LapinJetJ
Lotta Re-releaseIW
Cherry Berry BunnyAP

Le Cadre du LapinJetJ
Rabbit Printh.Naoto FRILL

Rose Dress UpAP
Secret Rose PrincessAP
Floral Print ClassicalBtSSB

Labyrinth of RoseAP
Rosellina FleurBtSSB
Royal PearlAP
Wonder StoryAP
Wonder CookieAP
Wonder PartyAP
Alice PrintBodyline
Classical Strawberry – IW
???Emily Temple Cute
Kumya chan’s Christmas Holly NightBtSSB
Invited to a PartyAP
Royal UnicornAP
Chess PrintIW
Plume d’une Princesse et l’angeJetJ
???This will be revealed after I wear it to LVER \\ ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و //// ! (Ridiculous, I know )
Saint ClaireMary Magdelene
Rose Lace Ox OPVictorian Maiden
Handmade JSKbought on Japan auction
Mademoiselle PrincessBtSSB
Empire Waist Basic Frilly JSK Fan Plus Friend
Cherry ParadeBtSSB

Maria’s Catholic Nun OPBtSSB
Innocent RosierAlice and the Pirates
Vampire RequiemAlice and the Pirates

Ginger DollA/P

Houndstooth School Skirt & CapeA/P
Pleated Flared JSKIW

Rose Button Pleated JSKIW
Hemming Checkered JSKIW
Jodhpurs with Shoulder StrapsIW
Polkadot PrincessAP
French GirlAP
Anniversary Lamé Tweed SkirtBtSSB
Pintuck Ribbon Skirt IW
A/P, AP, BtSSB, Bodyline, F+F, Floral Notebook, Handmade, IW, Offbrand, Taobao
AP, BtSSB, Bodyline, Offbrand
A/P, Bunny House, Handmade, IW, Liz Lisa, Offbrand
AP, Juicy Couture
AP, BtSSB, IW, Taobao
AP, HandmadeMuachacha, Swimmer
AP, Evil Live, Liz Lisa, Offbrand
A/P, Empress L, Offbrand, Triple Fortune
AP, Handmade, Offbrand
AP, BtSSB, IW, Sweet Mildred
AP, Antique Beast, BtSSB, IW
6% Doki Doki, Bowkuma, Chocomint, Handmade, Offbrand
BtSSB, Handmande, Offbrand, Pizzicato Kei
Handmade, Liz Lisa, Offbrand
Enchantlic Enchantilly, Handmade Gift, Tour New Soul, Pizzicato Kei

6% Doki Doki, AP, Automatic Honey, BtSSB, Betsey Johnson, Cute Moon Bunny, Chocomint, Kawaiicore, Moss Märchen, Offbrand, Sweet & Tiny, Q-Pot
6% Doki Doki, AP, Betsey Johnson, Handmade, Offbrand, Paris Kids, Tour New Soul
AP, Automatic Honey, Betsey Johnson, Offbrand, Tokimeki no Gabriel
A/P, AP, BtSSB, IW, Liz Lisa, Offbrand

Bodyline, JetJ, Mojo Moxy, Offbrand, Secret Shop (black MM boots missing from photo)


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