Rufflecon Report 2014

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Rufflecon’s first year and I’ve been so excited to share my experience with you all! It was a fun weekend of lolita activities and gorgeous coordinates in every direction.

Saturday: Shopping, Panels, and Runway

We arrived at the hotel very late the evening prior which meant I missed the Friday pre-meet, so I was up at an early hour on day one to meet the other attendees. Once I reached the event lobby I found many waiting for the marketplace to open, and among them a few familiar faces!

View the “Raspberry Chocolate” coordinate rundown on lookbook

My coordinate for the day was a Classic-Sweet affair featuring my new Melty Ribbon Chocolate Jumperskirt and Beret from Angelic Pretty with some very pretty chocolate accessories from Cute Moon Bunny.

As the doors opened I wasted no time searching for the Triple Fortune and Moss Märchen booths where I purchased a peachy pink bonnet and a pair of beautiful floral necklaces. The Marketplace was lined with amazing vendors all offering high quality items, most of which were marketed toward lolita fashion.

The other vendors were Angelic Pretty, Belladonna, Dame Darcy, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Harajuku Hearts, Lolita Collective, morrigan nyc, Sweet Mildred, The Snow Field, Redfield Designs, and Thy Matriarch’s Gothic Leather Accessories.

The Consignment Room was brimming with clothing and shoes and bags in good condition. Of the five items I brought two of them sold, though I spent double what I earned on secondhand items within the room.

My haul from this area consisted of a cream colored Innocent World blouse, a pair of brown IW knickers, and an Emily Temple Cute rabbit patterned romper that will probably soon be my most worn clothing item.

After running my haul up to the room it was time to give my panel “Branching Into Multiple Styles” which I have transcribed here on the blog so those who missed it can still check it out.

VIP seating for the fashion show began right after so I bustled over to claim a spot. I felt inspired watching the models trickle down the runway dressed up by the designers. Triple Fortune’s looks had my breath suspended the entire time and after the show a handful of us escaped over to their booth hopeful that the bonnets from the show might go for sale, which they did, and I was able to obtain one in cream.

I was so fixated on combing through the booths in the marketplace that I missed many panels, but I did show up to one of the last panels of the night, Lolita Bingo, hosted by Lolibrary where our memory of print names were put to the test and I ended up winning the grand prize Angelic Pretty umbrella.

Saturday Night: Masquerade

Switching into my Masquerade outfit took more time than I had anticipated (likely due to lack of sleep), so when I finally appeared in the convention lobby an hour later than the ball was expected to start I was surprised to find a sea of people occupying it.

View the “Royalty Rabbits” coordinate rundown on lookbook

The theme for my Masquerade look was crowns and rabbits featuring a favorite of my dresses, Juliette et Justine’s Le Cadre du Lapin. I used the cloth belt from the dress as a cravat and pinned jeweled bows along the bottom of the skirt and the cuffs of my blouse for a personal touch. My rabbit mask and the matching one my fiance wore were handmade by me.

Charles made his debut into ruffled fashion by matching up with me in his first brand item- an Alice and the Pirates blouse I’d bought him the weekend before at a swap meet.

I was informed that the hotel had issued faulty equipment which caused a delay. There ended up being no Masquerade that night, but the concert opened with Brilliant Kingdom which was a treat to see, and I was more than ready to change for bed not long after.

Sunday: Tea Party & Kabe-don

The next morning was the big tea party and everyone was decked in their finest. There were an abundance of Triple Fortune bonnets, and OTT Classic coordinates dominated the scene.

View the “Garden Wish” coord rundown on lookbook

How fortunate it was that my new bonnet matched my ensemble! My outfit was inspired by the pastels of a cottage garden in Spring, with many elegant Pizzicato Kei accessories covering it. The dress was exceedingly comfortable, and the Triple Fortune designers really loved the small gray bird I fixed to the bonnet.

The VIP tables were arranged closest to the guests and included a very adorable 2015 calendar produced by Harajuku Hearts featuring designs from both Enchantlic Enchantilly and Triple Fortune.

There was socializing, pictures, a buffet, and of course- tea!

After tea was over, I wandered around the Marketplace for a final look and noticed a small giggling group around KAIE and BABI. They were serving up some serious fan service with flirtatious poses on one another when they decided to take personal kabe-don (cornering on a wall) pictures with the attendees.

I still can’t help but giggle to see this photo! It was then all good-byes and packing, because the rest of the day would be spent on the road to my Aunt in Queens, New York.

My Haul

The VIP goodie bag was full of darling treats! I felt so spoiled by its contents. Not pictured are the Enchantlic Enchantilly bow inside the paper bag, and a plastic Triple Fortune folder.

My bonnets! I can’t believe I was able to snag two of these beauties! Unfortunately when I returned home I found that the pink did not match any of the pinks I owned, but I am still over the moon about owning such a versatile cream one.

And lastly, here are my consignment room finds. I’ve been trying to make good on my goal of bulking up on articles that aren’t dresses- though I wish I’d bought more blouses, there were so many. I could not avoid such a great deal for the knickers, they still had tags and were priced at $60 so I decided to start my boystyle wardrobe with them. And the ETC romper, well, I wavered on them for quite some time but it was brown with rabbits so that won me over eventually.

Overall I had an amazing time and was pleased at how smoothly it ran for its first year. I heartily enjoyed the benefits of snagging the VIP pass this year as it proved instrumental in securing a bonnet and allowed me to be seated closer to the runway, as well as providing a tea party ticket and a gift bag. I would highly recommend it for next year!

Would you go to a lolita convention if you had the chance? I’d love if something like this started on the west coast, though it’s nice to be given a reason to travel sometimes. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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