Back-to-Back Bunny Meets

For Easter this year my com held a quaint picnic in a grassy patch framed by trees and foliage named Bunny Meadow in Golden Gate Park. Our dresses were a flurry of pastels and we snacked on a variety of themed goods. As a special surprise I brought along two very important guests- Rancor and Trooper from my herd!

We set up a play pen so they could enjoy the fresh air and fed them carrots and strawberries. This was their first adventure outdoors and they really seemed to enjoy themselves! I must make a note to bring them out again, I so wish I had a backyard for them to sprawl about.

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We spent the meet lazing about in the sun and shade, nibbling on a variety of treats, and talking about the latest in lolita news. My girls found themselves the center of attention not only from our group, but from passersby who delighted in the fact that Bunny Meadow had actual bunnies in it that day.

They weren’t the only bunnies there!

Usagi Cafe

The very next weekend a small group of us checked out a nearby restaurant called “Usagi”. It wasnt as bunny themed as I’d hoped, that is until you get to the dessert! It was so hard to choose from the menu because everything sounded great, and as I would find out when the food arrived, it tasted great too! I finally decided on the Katsu curry while Charles ordered their burger and we found both dishes very satisfying.

Dessert was a parfait for me and affogato for Charles. I couldn’t try for myself but he assured me his was delicious and helped me polish off mine. Next time I think I will try their green tea flavor.

Coord Rundown
JSK: Le Parfait du Lapin {JeJ}
Bag: Usakumya Rucksack {BtSSB}
Gold Hairbow: 6% Doki Doki
Everything Else: Offbrand

After lunch we took a short trip over to the Japanese Tea and Rose Gardens for pleasant scenery. The roses had climbed much taller than last I saw them, and most towered over us! My coord for the day was a mori girl inspired look with bunnies and roses and strawberries covering my dress.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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