Meeting Mr.Yan

Since the dawn of Bodyline Model Contests we have wanted to know just who is the mysterious Mr.Yan? On the most recent leg of his international tour an event date was made for San Francisco and I knew I had to find out for myself, so I donned my favorite Bodyline skirt and went forth unassuming of what to expect.

So just what was he like?

When I first stepped into Harajuku Hearts he was the first to greet me. He complimented my skirt and told me they’d soon be making violin bags like the Innocent World one around my arm. He wanted to know if I was from Mexico, adding that he would visit sometime soon on his tour. I pointed Cuba out to him on a map because he had never heard of it before.

✧ Coord Rundown ✧
Skirt & Shoes: L507, SHOES192 {BL}
Blouse: Taobao
Bag: Violin Bag {IW}
Socks: Diamond Lame OTKs {AatP}
Gold Bow: 6% Doki Doki
Accessories: Forever 21
Beret: Offbrand

He was very interested in talking to the group and noted he expected American lolitas to be less shy than they are in Japan (we were all kind of standing there not knowing what to say)! He was interested in how many pieces of Bodyline we owned, what we’d like to see more of, etc. It was clear he was business-minded for the tour and wanted to get to know his customers better.

What struck me the most were his intentions of creating clothing that anyone could wear. He talked with a plus-size lolita about her measurements (including an awkward moment where he rubbed her stomach) and a tall brolita about his height. At an upcoming convention he hopes to have the first Bodyline fashion show where if I may paraphrase, “big and small, black and white, tall and short, male and female” will be represented.

But he was also very light-hearted, silly, and casual. He ushered us to take pictures and selfies with him and told us to make them our Facebook photos! He even took selfies and made silly poses with us on his own phone. He discovered I worked on video games and told me I should make a game about him.

One thing you should know about Mr.Yan is that he is completely aware of his business. I had some time to talk with him aside and he plainly told me his brand is meant for beginner lolitas to test the waters and, in his joking words, “professional” lolitas to pad their closets. He told me shoes were their biggest seller because they carry sizes other brands don’t and took pride in keeping the end prices low. It sounded like the advice we had been giving in the West for years.

Fun facts about Mr.Yan:
  • He really enjoys surfing
  • His favorite city on the tour so far had been Gold Coast, Australia for the reason above (he then showed us pictures with his longboard)
  • He did not like New York because he found the taxis too crazy
  • He did not approve of my nose ring and said I should take it out

So there is my report on the most infamous figure in lolita history. Oh and yes, those body pillows are definitely on the way. Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

Edit 04.30 – I feel that it is important to add my personal view on the topic or else this post may betray it. I’m sure that this tour is as much a PR stunt to rectify the exposed behaviors of Bodyline employees as it is an opportunity for Mr.Yan to get to know what his customers want. There are a lot of bad rumors about the way underage foreign girls are treated in his company, and I believe there is a lot of truth in them. This is not something we should forget no matter how silly his image has become.

I would also like to point out I can only account for my own encounter with him in the presence of a large group and several professionals. If you would like to read about differing experiences please look at some of the comments left on this post.

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