Easter Holiday, Victorian Ties, & Lolita Coord Ideas

Easter is a holiday I quietly look forward to. It’s a hallmark of my favorite season and there is never another occasion where rabbit themed goods dominate every store! This is owed to our beloved Victorian England which heavily popularized the images of rabbits on Easter scrap art and cards.

Rabbits are a shared motif between Easter and lolita and a great theme to incorporate into any coord for the holiday. Bunny ears are an obvious choice, but let’s not forget other long-eared options like one of Baby’s rabbit-shaped aprons or a plush bag.

A large bow between two tall ears is an undeniably adorable way to style your hair!

And of course, how can I mention bunnies in lolita without dragging out some of my favorite prints? As much as I’m sure a lot of people would groan at yet another rabbit print, I will always enjoy their likeness on skirts.

Own: FRILL Rabbit Pattern JSK, Cherry Berry Bunny, Wonder Story, Le Parfait du Lapin
Want: La Pièce du Petit Créature, Wonder Queen, Rabbit Letter, Le Cadre du Lapin

Chocolate is a second theme in lolita I can’t resist that is shared with Easter. Did you know that chocolate eggs are a product of the Victorian era as well? In 1875, John Cadbury’s process of separating the cocoa butter from the bean to create a chocolate easy to melt and mould would result in the the first chocolate Easter egg.

Pairing rich brown hues with frothy pastels is a great way to tie it all together.

Another theme that has undoubted connection with Easter and has been increasingly popular these past few years is Christianity. Although I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable wearing a cross on an adopted Christian holiday when I am not Christian myself, associated romantic imagery such as cherubs or painted biblical scenes or stained glass are classic and universal enough to recommend.

(featuring a beautiful rosary necklace from Moss Märchen)

What I would really like to see more of that fits the Easter theme is fabergé. Also due to the Victorian era (but in Russia), notable goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge created the art when he was commissioned by the Russian Czar Alexander in 1883 to create a special Easter gift for his wife Empress Marie.

Fancy Eggs – Metamorphose

Unfortunately this is the only print that comes to mind with the theme, but if you have a steady hand and some patience I am sure that fabergé-inspired nails would really set your coord apart just as this blogger has done!

I won’t be celebrating Easter until next weekend, but I hope you all are having a great one! In spirit of the holiday I took a few photos of my bunnies this morning.

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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