Exploring with Usakumya-chan

Yesterday me and my bear buddy Usakumya-chan went poking around the neighborhood and discovered new places. Funny how you can live somewhere for a long time and still find new things!

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The Bay Area is full of really cute houses. A lot of them have been turned into private businesses in downtown areas.

We came upon a Japanese style apartment complex. It had a cute tree with pink blossoms and a little bridge over a small canal.

We then found a cute chocolate shop by the train station.

I’ve used the train frequently and never seen it! The chocolate covered oreos looked too good to resist so I bought two along with strawberry shaped marzipan.

It was decorated for Easter with many stuffed animals.

Bears seemed to dominate the displays.
Usakumya fit right in!

Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!
Photos by: Brian Gin Photography

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