Angelic Pretty DIY Mini Party

My first brand event of the new year! Angelic Pretty held an intimate in-store party for their customers where we snacked on cute treats and deco’d with tinier ones!

A handful of us gathered in Japantown beforehand for extra supplies and lunch. I fed on my usual spicy miso broth with herb butter and egg at a favorite ramen spot- just writing the order brings back the rich smell and succulent taste !

After fulfilling our appetites we wandered through Daiso for supplementary items to deco at the party. Unfortunately Daiso is the perfect trap for me and as usual I left with much more than I intended

A series of small craft supplies for $1.50 a piece? Yes please, I’ll take one of each!

A small hand mirror, pom trimmed lace, beads, and collection of craft supplies later we went to check out the small arcade in the mall. One of the girls in the group was in town from SoCal and wanted to see their machines.

I’m truly in love with the UFO Catcher that has Amuse’s Roppi the rabbit

Then it was straight to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with little time to spare to check out their shipment of tiny Kuma Kumya pochettes . The new rucksack will be available for reserve soon and I plan to get it, but seeing the overly fuzzy miniature satiated my impatience a bit.

From there we went straight to Angelic Pretty and were greeted by a long table topped with treats! After a few nibbles a swift game of Old Maid was played between groups of four to determine the order of the line to grab the cabochons the provided.

The Wonder Queen deck of cards is too cute!

My coord for the day was inspired by patisserie chefs! I wanted to feel like I was decorating cakes

☺ Coord Rundown ☺
Onepiece: {Wonder Cookie} Angelic Pretty
Headdress: Innocent World
Bag: Swimmer
Bracelet & Ring: {Kirameki} Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Offbrand

We had access to a heart shaped box, pink and white “whipped cream”, beads and pearls, cabochons, plus “strawberry, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate” deco sauce to make delectable items. Everyone’s creations looked good enough to eat!

Once the deco station was all wrapped up we were given a mini-postcard, heart-shaped pocky, and private shopping time! They also presented us the early re-release of Wrapping Ribbon for purchase

I can’t wait to put little goodies in my cute new box! Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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