A Peek Inside My Purse

It’s been a while since I made a Lolita Blog Carnival post! I always find this topic really fun. A purse is like a portable home filled with the items you can’t be without. Here’s a peek at what I take everywhere with me:

A peek inside my kawaii taobao purse
Not pictured: phone and keys | In need of: a compact mirror!!!

  • Wallet – the cute terriers remind me of my little Cadet ❤
  • 3DS – for street passes and quick game time
  • Beauty – dry hands and chapped lips are the worst!
  • Point Cards – just in case I find myself at Baby, AP, or pikapika (purikura)
  • Candies – something sweet on the go!
  • Makeup – an emergency kit of bobby pins, eyelash glue, lipstick & lipgloss!

Other items I sometimes tote around with me are my Kindle, Tide To-Go pen, a small notebook & pen for ideas/ notes/ contact information, and a small bottle of water.

I fill my purse with as much personality and cuteness as I can! Want to know how?

Making the contents of your purse kawaii

What goes in your purse?

The first step is pretty simple. What do you need to carry around with you? Spill out the contents of your purse(s) and figure out what is important. I came to the conclusion that I needed the items above by having “I really wish I had this with me” moments while I was away from home and keeping out the items I never used. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong such as old receipts, loose change, and other random items you shoved in your purse and forgot.


Keeping loose items in a small pouch helps avoid scrounging in your bag for lipgloss or gum. I like to keep any point and business cards in my wallet and all other items in a small pouch that can fit nearly any purse. If you need a place for receipts and loose change (why butt heads with habit?) consider a coin purse. I find this step especially important for items that have the potential to create a mess in an expensive purse!

Make it cute!

Always the fun part! Take your necessary items and find cute versions of them. Bland Kindle? Buy a skin for it! Simple compact mirror? Deco it! Go all out with the charms on your keyring and the characters on your wallet. I even have a little bunny cozy for stick-shaped lip balm. There are tons of options in this department. Great places to fill your purse with cuteness are:

Maintain It

This is easier if you’re switching bags with every outfit, but maintaining a clean purse is essential! It extends the life of the bag and makes using it a pleasant experience. I tend to prune the contents of my bag before and/or after going out to make sure any trash is where it belongs- not with me.

What are the contents of your purse? Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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