How to keep your Lolita image at the beach/pool!

 For this week’s topic I’ll be diving into how you can “lolify” a trip to the beach/pool! Just because your precious frills can’t touch the sandy beach or chlorinated pools doesn’t mean you have to leave your Lolita image at home- so here are a few ideas to help put the fashion back in the water:

Wear your frilly best!

Unfortunately it’s not too often that brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Metamorphose put out swimwear, but here are some pieces that will work for any style and *budget!

Sweet Style Swimwear

Pastels, ruffles, bows, scallops, and cute prints are the way to go for sweet swimwear!

Classic Style Swimwear

Florals, crochet, scrolls, and earth-tones bring a classic touch to the scene.

Gothic Style Swimwear

Dark colors, delicate trims, and mysterious florals bring out your goth even in the sun!
Cover your swimwear with a light matching dress and you’re all set to soak in some rays. Stores that frequently stock cute swimwear are:

*Prices are subject to change and the graphic shows the price of items as they were when it was created. Graphic pricing reflects sale prices at the time this article was published.
Accessorize your look
Wearing lots of jewelry will inevitably lead to lots of sand in intricate places, but there are other ways to accessorize your ensemble without bringing home grainy souvenirs!

  • Bring along a parasol to shade you from the sun
  • Deco a pair of sunglasses for a sugar sweet look
  • Paint your toes and nails to match your look
  • A little bit of waterproof eyeliner/mascara can make your dolly eyes stand out
  • Add bows to your sandals for a feminine touch
  • Bring a cute purse to hold reading material, sunscreen, and yummies

Customize your beach towel
What trip to the beach doesn’t include a towel for drying off or saving your butt from sand? Buy a bare towel and add a few of the following to customize it!

  • Lace (doesn’t have to be the expensive stuff!)
  • Pom trim
  • Beads
  • Bleach pens
  • Fabric paint (using stencils or tape to block off designs)
  • Ribbon

 Keep hydrated and full!
Swimming can take a lot out of a person so it’s important to feed your thirst and your tummy. These recipes are as elegant as they are refreshing:
Earl Grey and Lavender Infused Iced Tea

View Recipe Here

Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches

View Recipe Here

Fruit Salad with Yogurt

View Recipe Here

I hope this was every bit informative as it was fun to write! OH, and before I forget there’s one one last thing:

Sailor Style Swimwear

Sailor Style Swimwear by lace-a-la-mode

Summer is the time for sailor lolita to shine!!!
Have a sugar-sweet day and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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