Two Photo Apps I Can’t Live Without

I get a lot of questions about what apps I use to make my pictures so adorable, and while I don’t have time this week to compile a list of all of them (don’t worry, it will come) I figured I’d talk about the two that get the most use from me.

The first one is Camera 360 Ultimate. This has 100% replaced my native camera app! The main draw of Camera 360 Ultimate is the amount of filters they provide- and all of them work impressively well! I really can not have a bad picture when this app does most of the work for me. It even has a filter to make your skin look soft and glowing! Here is an example of what it does:

girl, fawn, fawn collar, filter, kawaii, lolita, mori girl, natural kei
Original photo with no filter

Here is a photo I took in the car after a photo shoot. It came out really nice, but the lighting is a little harsh! I’m going to use a soft filter to balance it out a bit and make the colors more interesting.

girl, fawn, fawn collar, filter, kawaii, lolita, mori girl, natural kei
w/ Magic Skin > Sweet filter

And there you have it! In a few seconds this photo is ready to share right from my phone.
I typically end up using the filters in “Magic Skin” and “Lighten” because I love having pastel photos, but I’m quick to venture out and explore what other filters have to offer. “Enhance” is especially good when taking picture in low-lighting scenarios, and even though I never use it their “Sketch” filter is actually one of the best I’ve seen. You can also go back into photos you have already taken in Camera 360 Ultimate and switch up the filters just in case you change your mind!
Download on Android | Download on iPhone

My second photo app obsession is Photowonder. Nobody can do a beauty app like these guys can. It has simple editing tools (crop, contrast, rotate, sharpen, vignette) as well as some purikura elements (decorations and frames), but the real deal is in the “Beautify” section. I’ll run through the options here:

Better skin– This creates a fill light that you can adjust to make everything glow
Intelli Beauty– The most amazing part of this app. Line up the circles to your eyes, and the rounded rectangle to your lips. You can then control how large your eyes are and how thin your jaw/chin/lips are. It’s insane how well it works!!
Slim– Similar to Liquify in Photoshop, this lets you push things around manually to slim down.
Larger Eye– Manually increase the size of your eyes.
Anti-acne– Remove the presence of acne by tapping on it.
Eyeline– This one always comes out looking fake to me, but you can manually add eyeliner from pre-made styles with it
Blusher– This actually works really well and is a favorite tool of mine! Choose the color, transparency, and size of the blush you want and place it on your cheeks.
Whiten– Manually whiten your skin.
Red Eye– Removes red eye.

 Here’s what happens when you use it:

girl, fawn, fawn collar, filter, kawaii, lolita, mori girl, natural kei
girl, fawn, fawn collar, filter, kawaii, lolita, mori girl, natural kei
Bigger eyes, thinner jaw, and blush!

I may have went a little extreme with the proportions, but I wanted you to really be able to see what it can do. They also include their own filters, which are really nice but not as numerous as Camera 360 Ultimate’s. You can also share straight from this app once you are finished, which I always enjoy.
Download for Android | Download for iPhone
So while these are not really purikura apps, they are what I use before I go into decorating and are an important first step!
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! What photo apps can you not live without?
 Have a sugar-sweet day and thanks for reading!

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